Hello and thank you for visiting our website today. Our church is as unique as our website. Our mission to "train people to become loving, serving, witnessing worshippers of God", is accomplished through members who exercise their gifts in areas of Evangelism, Fellowship, Worship, Discipleship, Ministry and Administrations.

At Walk of Faith you and your family will be welcomed, embraced, loved, taught and you will grow deeper and closer in your relationship with God and His son, Jesus Christ.

Service Times


» 9:00 AM  Discovery Classes

» 11:00 AM  Morning Worship

» 1:00 PM  Communion (1st Sun)

» 3:30 PM  Baptism (3rd Sun)


» 11:00 AM  Faith Watch Fellowship

» 12:30 PM  Food Pantry

» 6:00 PM  Corporate Prayer

» 7:00 PM  Bible Study




Contact Info

104 Fairmont Avenue
New Haven, CT 06513
Phone # 203-469-5134