Small Groups are an essential part of our church because they give a place where deeper fellowship and better support can take place. They are vital to our Spiritual growth. Thee Word says that they came together and broke bread, and joined in fellowship. Here at Selah we look forward to breaking bread and having fellowship with you!



CHRISTIAN DISCIPLESHIP, by Dr. Steven Collins, is a study that every aspiring disciple of Jesus Christ should complete.  The study consists of four parts which have intentionally been written to bring the message of the Gospel and the Great Commission into our heads with Part One – Basics of Abundant Living, then into our hearts with Part Two – The Dynamics of A Spiritual Life, and ultimately out through our hands with Part Three -The Dynamics of Making Disciples.  Part Four is A Handbook For Disciplemakers.

Studied  in the small group environment, you will experience the power of teamwork and the value of accountability.  This study is 26 weeks.


LIFESTYLE EVANGELISM, by Dr. Joe Aldrich, will take you beyond a study of the methodologies and strategies of evangelism, to the life and heart of the evangelist.  He writes… “It’s true that actions speak louder than words, especially when it comes to witnessing.  And relationships are critical to building bridges of trust between believers and those who don’t know Christ.  If we are to be like Jesus, we must follow His example by showing men and women outside the church how much we care.  So no matter who your neighbors, coworkers, or relatives are, let Lifestyle Evangelism show you how to establish common ground, build relationships that can be powerfully used by God, and live a lifestyle that brings Christianity to the world.

Join a group and re-examine how the music of the Gospel must preceed the message of the messenger and the entire corporate Church structure.  This study is 12 weeks.

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